Welcome to my comics site! This is my first blog post! yay! I’ll mainly post about comics and my art and any important updates. Feel free to comment on stuff! Right now I’m launching the site and getting the Hellbound Comic page together. It’ll be a work in progress as the website goes on and I learn more about wordpress and stuff, stay along for the ride, haha! I’m wanting the comic pages to be like a handy dashboard for all my comics since they might be a little scattered all over the internet. Also it’s easier for me to manage this than webtoon. The updates for the comic sites will be the same day as webtoon (sundays) but webtoon will be one week behind the website. Very hype. Scheduling is great because having to remember for webtoon is a task in itself lol! I have like 3 alarms. So, let’s go on this fun journey into webcomics! 😀